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To provide financial support to Vermont, New York, and California families enduring pediatric cancer.
To promote the implementation of creative writing in schools.

Emily M Lyman Foundation

I Am
I am thoughtful and poetic.
I wonder about everything I see,
why it snakes through my head instead of passing by like a cloud.
I hear the thrum of thoughts and ink like raindrops on the roof.
I see the intricate details of everything,
like my eyes are magnifying glasses.
I want to be able to spin words like a spider,
turning them into something beautiful.
I am thoughtful and poetic.
I pretend that I am part of a word, one letter amongst thousands.
I feel scared about the things to come.
I touch the tiny cracks in the Earth.
I worry about the hurdles that come my way.
I cry when hardships block my path.
I am thoughtful and poetic.
I understand the insides of words, not just the shells.
I say the words I gather from books,
pouring them out like a waterfall.
I dream about the things in my life.
I try to piece together all the thoughts in my head.
I hope that one day I will be the author of my own story.
I am thoughtful and poetic.
                                                                      by Emily Lyman
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The Emily M Lyman Foundation hopes to gives both intellectual and spiritual light, through writing workshops, author's visits, and Emily's many wonderful  writing pieces.
The Emily M Lyman Foundation strives to make the lives of families coping with pediatric cancer more cheerful and bright through monetary contributions.
Emily enlightend our world with her intellectual curiosity and her positive outlook on life. She had an impact on everyone she met. Her determination and insight were contagious. We continue to learn from her.